Do you have questions about a fine?

  • Emergency at the hospital, for example, a child had to be taken to A&E or similar FAQ EN

    In case of a medical emergency in relation to the clinic parking spaces operated by us, the emergency shall be evidenced by means of an emergency registration and/or an emergency confirmation by the hospital. We will then check the respective case and will make an appropriate decision based on the individual case.

  • Expiry FAQ EN

    The legal expiry deadlines shall apply (§195 of the German Civil Code (BGB): regular expiry period 3 years).

  • I have not received a notification / I am not aware of the matter FAQ EN

    As per our general terms and conditions, which are clearly positioned at the entrance of our parking facilities, contractual fines are payable within 10 calendar days of the respective parking or utilisation breach. Should payment not be made, the client shall be automatically in default without warning. The receipt of a further payment request is therefore irrelevant, since the payment obligation is a direct consequence of the parking and/or utilisation breach. Irrespective of this, the notification in regards to the parking or utilisation breach was visibly attached on the vehicle parked within the parking facilities on the day of the breach. The event was registered by one of our staff and we hold photographic evidence.

  • I was not in the respective parking facility on the notified date FAQ EN

    The event was documented by means of photographic evidence. It is therefore easily possible to check the matter, as well as to view the files.

  • I/we am/are only paying the main claim, but not the requested fees FAQ EN

    As per our general terms and conditions, the default occurs automatically, i.e. without this requiring a separate warning, after the expiry of the 10-day payment deadline. The charges incurred are therefore to be reimbursed as default damages. Should you choose to only pay the main claim, we will order a collection agency to obtain any outstanding amounts at extra cost.

  • I/we were waiting from an invoice from the authorities FAQ EN

    Your vehicle was parked on private grounds, where the city’s fine catalogue does not apply.

  • The case was settled/the money transferred already FAQ EN

    Please provide proof of payment in terms of the complete payment, which clearly shows the transfer, via the contact form (https://www.park-control.de/kontakt), email, fax or post, so that we can resolve the issue.

  • The requested contractual fine is too much for 5 minutes of wrong parking, or the parking time only lasted for several minutes / I did not see the signs FAQ EN

    According to our general terms and conditions, a parking ticket (parking receipt, parking sign or valid parking permit) is to be displayed behind the windscreen, so that it can be read from outside with ease, as soon as the vehicle is parked within our parking facility. The general terms and conditions are displayed visibly in several locations throughout the parking facility.

  • The vehicle is being used by several drivers, and it is not possible to identify the driver, as we do not hold any documentation in this respect. FAQ EN

    Here, we would like to firstly refer to your demonstration and evidence obligations. Should you have not driven the car on the date of the breach, and should you not be willing to identify the driver, you shall be liable as the holder of the vehicle as a so-called disruptor (see Federal Court of Justice, verdict dated 18th December 2015, V ZR 160/04) and – irrespective of the liability in terms of the contractual fine – may be subject to omission claims.

  • Why do I have to pay, if the notification in regards to the parking and/or utilisation breach was stolen FAQ EN

    A possible theft of the notification does not affect the respective payment obligation, as this is based directly on our general terms and conditions, according to which the contractual fine shall be payable within 10 calendar days of the respective parking and/or utilisation breach.

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